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Gary L. Holcombe, CFP®

Gary L. Holcombe, CFP®


As a financial planner, Gary thinks everyone should have access to experienced financial advisors regardless of how much they have to invest.  Large investment accounts are important to the investment industry, but clients with large wealth did not get there without some level of help with their financial success.  It is rarely accomplished solely on their own.

From his 35-year post of running his own businesses and observing the growth of his client’s wealth, he has found most financial success comes from a planned, organized and systematic approach.  It required hard work, perseverance, and self-sacrifice.  But the rewards for these coveted talents can be immense, and ultimately very satisfying in ways that have little to do with money.

Gary has always felt helping others is the way to help ourselves.  Wealth can be measured in a lot of ways, but the most important to him is what it brings to our soul and how it blesses others.  He has helped many along the way with insight, education, and mentoring as well as direct management when they lacked the experience or needed more complex assistance.  

His lifetime of business experience has taught him no one person has all the best ideas, so having a team multiplies talents and leverages time for the best service possible.  His firm was founded on that principle, and built to fulfill that goal.

Gary, and his wife Donna, are long-time residents of Woodstock.  He enjoys teaching sailing and mentoring teens as the Sea Scout Commodore for the Atlanta Area Council. Gary is also a member of the Rotary Club of Towne Lake and serves on the board of two high school Interact Clubs, a division of Rotary.