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Who We Are and How We Can Help

Who We Are and How We Can Help

| January 05, 2022

Planning for your future can be a daunting task, regardless of your experience with money. Many people struggle trying to gain control over their situation and rarely know where to start. Want to start optimizing your money to enhance your life? We can help you take action and pursue your financial dreams.

Who We Are

At Horizon Planning Group, we have a team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM's (CFP®)  dedicated to solving our client's unique challenges. The key to creating a successful financial strategy is to understand our clients' difficulties and goals, and the best way to do that is by having a relationship with each of our clients. We pride ourselves on being fiduciaries and always putting our client's needs first no matter the circumstance. As an independent firm, we have the freedom to select products and services from various companies, giving our clients the power of choice. As CFP® professionals, we are dedicated to educating our clients about their investments because we believe that understanding your investments is a crucial step to optimizing your finances.

What We Do

Our team provides a wide range of services designed to help you feel secure and confident in your future. Wherever you may be in your financial planning and wherever you want your path to take you, we have the services and expertise you need to chart a course to get you there. Our comprehensive services list includes:

  • Managing your investments
  • Managing debts and cash flow
  • Financial planning to support and provide for your family
  • Risk management and asset protection
  • Advanced planning for and management of your estate

We will help you determine which services best serve your interests and get you on the path to reach your financial goals. More importantly, we will help you to understand why that path is the right one for you so that you can move forward with total confidence in your financial decisions.

The Horizon Planning Group Difference

How do we chart the best course for you? How do we determine the services that will meet your needs? For over 35 years, our client's goals have been at the center of every recommendation and strategy we implement. Here's how it works:

As we monitor the plan, we will keep circling back to the beginning of this process and doing it over and over again - adjusting for new goals, evaluating new assets, examining new options, and so on. We keep the wheel turning so you can keep moving forward to meet those goals, no matter what.

Our Goal for You

Most importantly, we want our clients prepared for anything that life throws their way by creating a plan for the expected with the flexibility to withstand the unexpected.  If you want to take the first step towards gaining financial peace of mind, schedule an appointment with us HERE.

About Horizon Planning Group

Horizon Planning Group was founded in 2006 by Gary L. Holcombe. Based in Woodstock, Georgia, our firm is committed to being a part of our beautiful, small-town community while serving clients on a national scale. We offer full-spectrum financial planning services and a fiduciary commitment to always do what’s right by our clients.

It’s our goal to become a resource you can turn to when making any big decisions that affect your financial horizon. With our collective knowledge and experience, we can help you develop strategies to address almost any concern related to your finances.

Want to learn more about how we can help? Click here.