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What Is A Fiduciary?

What Is A Fiduciary?

| February 02, 2022

In the financial world, you’ll often see the term “fiduciary” used. But what exactly does this term mean, and how does it impact your relationship with a financial advisor? At Horizon Planning Group, we aim to educate our clients so that they can make informed decisions regarding their financial futures. Here’s what you need to know about fiduciaries and the importance of working with one for your financial planning needs.

What Does It Mean?

The term “fiduciary” refers to any individual who has an ethical duty to act in the best interest of another person. In the world of finance, this means that a fiduciary will only make investments or recommend financial services that are the best fit for your individual needs. Fiduciaries operate on a bond of trust and must avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts.

To be considered a fiduciary, the advisor must adhere to the following standards:

  • Put clients’ interests first.
  • Provide all relevant information to clients when making financial recommendations.
  • Ensure they provide accurate advice, based on the information provided.
  • Avoid using clients’ assets to benefit themselves, including buying a security in their personal account before the client’s, or choosing an investment vehicle with a higher payout over one that provides the same benefit at a lower cost.

Are All Advisors Fiduciaries?

Unfortunately, not all financial advisors are fiduciaries, and it can often be difficult to tell which advisors truly hold a fiduciary commitment to their clients. The best way to ensure that you’re working with a fiduciary is to work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, or CFP®. The CFP® code of ethics states that anyone holding this designation “must act as a fiduciary, and therefore, act in the best interest of the client.”

Why Work with a Fiduciary?

When it comes to something as important as your financial future, you shouldn’t entrust it to someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. A planner who is beholden to proprietary products or sales quotas may not always recommend the options that are best suited to your needs.

At Horizon Planning Group, our fiduciary financial planners are committed to putting your interests first. No matter what your goals and needs may be, we will only recommend those products and services that we feel will help you meet those goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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