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What I Do and Why It Is Important to YOUR Retirement

What I Do and Why It Is Important to YOUR Retirement

| January 07, 2022

Take a moment and visualize your retirement; what do you see? Do you see yourself traveling the world or maybe spending all of your time with your grandkids? No matter what you imagine your retirement looking like, I bet you don't see yourself working out of necessity. The sad truth is that most people head into retirement without enough money saved to fund their lifestyle, and they end up taking on a part-time job or cutting out the fun, non-essential activities that they had planned for themselves. The key to having the retirement you have always dreamt of is preparing for it.

How Can I Help

Planning for your retirement can seem like a daunting task, but I can help you make the best decisions for your plan based on your situation. Everyone has different needs and concerns when it comes to planning for the future, and my job is to help you understand what it will take to get you to your dream retirement. The first step is to look at where you are now and determine your time horizon or how many years you will continue working.  This will help me determine the required after-tax return you need on your investments to outpace inflation and maintain your purchasing power.

Once we know when you wish to retire, we need to calculate how much you will spend during retirement. I will help you set realistic expectations about spending during your non-working years based on your current budget and future anticipated expenses. Finally, once I have all this information, I can help determine how your portfolio should be allocated to get you the required return for a phenomenal retirement.

Many people miss a crucial step in retirement planning: setting up a plan for withdrawing assets. This step is essential because, in your portfolio, you may have accounts with different tax liabilities, inheritance rules, or other estate planning consequences. I can implement an income distributions strategy during retirement that will minimize these risks.

The final step in planning for retirement is to review and monitor your plan. As life goes on, your ideas of a perfect retirement may change, and your plan should change along with it. I recommend an annual review of your retirement plan.

If you need help starting a retirement plan or are ready for a review, please reach out to me at (770) 627-4157 or schedule a meeting with me HERE.

About Scott Bechely

Scott began his career in the financial industry in 2004 and became an associate financial advisor in 2007 He joined Horizon Planning Group in 2015, where he is now one of our skilled financial advisors. Scott specializes in retirement income planning, helping give our clients security and peace of mind in their retirement finances. He’s a big fan of most sports and enjoys playing in his baseball league and golfing. Scott lives in Woodstock, Georgia, with his wife, Sara; their daughter, Anna; and their dogs, Ginger and Bailey.

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About Horizon Planning Group

Horizon Planning Group was founded in 2006 by Gary L. Holcombe. Based in Woodstock, Georgia, our firm is committed to being a part of our beautiful, small-town community while serving clients on a national scale. We offer full-spectrum financial planning services and a fiduciary commitment to always do what’s right by our clients.

It’s our goal to become a resource you can turn to when making any big decisions that affect your financial horizon. With our collective knowledge and experience, we can help you develop strategies to address almost any concern related to your finances.

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