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Know Someone in Need of Financial Guidance? We Can Help!

Know Someone in Need of Financial Guidance? We Can Help!

| January 01, 2022

At Horizon Planning Group, we believe in the importance of community and family. So, when someone refers a friend or family member to us, we take that trust seriously. If you know someone who could benefit from our financial planning services, we encourage you to put them in contact with us.

Do your children ask you how they should be investing for their own futures? Are your parents worried about their income during retirement? Is your friend struggling with understanding their investments? Is your sibling starting their own business? We can help!

Much of our business is built on referrals, and our clients form a close community—for us and each other. They are each other’s parents, children, neighbors, and friends, and we take pride in helping care for your financial future, as well as the futures of those you love most.

Thank you for being a part of the Horizon Planning Group family and helping our community continue to grow!

About Horizon Planning Group

Horizon Planning Group was founded in 2006 by Gary L. Holcombe. Based in Woodstock, Georgia, our firm is committed to being a part of our beautiful, small-town community while serving clients on a national scale. We offer full-spectrum financial planning services and a fiduciary commitment to always do what’s right by our clients.

It’s our goal to become a resource you can turn to when making any big decisions that affect your financial horizon. With our collective knowledge and experience, we can help you develop strategies to address almost any concern related to your finances.

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