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Protect Your Legacy with Estate Management

Managing your final estate isn’t something that should be taken lightly or put off for too long. Unlike many people believe, it’s not something to be written up once in a will and left untouched for the rest of your life. There’s far more to managing an estate than simply determining “who gets what”. Horizon Planning Group can help you to handle the finer points of estate management and ensure that your legacy is preserved in the way you intended.

Preparing for Probate

Probate is a heavy burden to leave on your heirs in a time that will already be difficult for them. While we can’t eliminate probate for them, we can minimize the negative impact that it has on them by clearly defining your expectations and centralizing key information regarding your estate. We can help you designate which assets will go through probate.

We understand that the loss of a loved one will never be easy. But by preparing for probate thoroughly and effectively, you can make the days that follow easier and less stressful for your heirs..

A Partner for You - And for Your Heirs

At Horizon Planning Group, we do more than manage your accounts and assets. We’ll be by your side as you manage your lifestyle and estate during your life. And when you pass away, we become a partner to your executor in managing every financial aspect of your estate, from the initial establishment of estate accounts and probate services, to fulfilling your wishes with your estate’s distribution. We provide probate services to help you manage your estate as effectively as possible. Proactive, continuous probate support ensures that your final wishes are carried out effectively, no matter when that time comes.

Handling Charitable Contributions from Your Estate 

Many people choose to leave at least a portion of their estate to a charitable organization. There are many ways to handle this, and each option has a different impact on your estate as well as on your taxes. It’s important to understand the different giving options that are available to you, including:

  • Charitable Giving – Donations made to a charity while you’re still alive.
  • Planned Giving – Donations given after you pass away as part of your estate.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts – Trusts that allow you to live off the value while you’re alive, then the remaining balance is donated.

We can help you to weigh these options and provide a professional recommendation on the best way to make your final contributions to the charity of your choice.

Your estate is a central part of your legacy. Make sure it’s protected and managed in the way you want it to be. Contact Horizon Planning Group for advanced estate solutions and estate management services. If you don’t yet have a will or trust, we can recommend an estate attorney that we have confidence in to get you started.