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About Us

About Horizon Planning Group

Horizon Planning Group was founded in 2006 by Gary L. Holcombe. Based in Woodstock, Georgia, our firm is committed to being a part of our beautiful, small-town community while serving clients on a national scale. We offer full-spectrum financial planning services and a fiduciary commitment to always do what’s right by our clients.

It’s our goal to become a resource you can turn to when making any big decisions that affect your financial horizon. With our collective knowledge and experience, we can help you develop strategies to address almost any concern related to your finances.

Our Firm’s Values

At Horizon Planning Group, we’re driven by our three core values:

  • Integrity – We will always do what is in our client's best interest, regardless of whether it is best for our advisors.
  • Community – Being a part of a community means that we will actively work to improve the lives of everyone in our community. We do this through our community services organizations both individually and as a company. We also provide pro bono services to active/retired military and first responders because we like to take extra special care of people who put their life on the line to protect our community.
  • Knowledge and Education: We strongly believe in the age-old adage that knowledge is power. Having the most accurate and up-to-date information is essential because that helps us make the best decisions we can for our clients. We also want our clients to be educated on what their financial picture looks like and why it is the right strategy for them.

We hold fast to our values, and as a result, create strong relationships with our clients that last for years to come. Our clients trust us to always do what’s right for them, and we will do all we can to preserve that trust over the years.

Meet Our Team

The team at Horizon Planning Group shares decades of experience and an unwavering commitment to provide exceptional service to each of our clients. We work together, utilizing each team member’s unique knowledge and skills to provide you with better results.

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